Music With Jacob Es

Rapper Jacob Es, aka Jake Helman, has exploded onto the scene with rapid fire. He is a Connecticut native who has planted his music roots firmly in Burlington, VT. I met Jake right at the beginning of his music career and have seen him progress over the years. He has opened for several well know artists including Mac Miller and Jay Sean and collaborated with AER and Jetpack Jones. Currently he is working on several new tracks for his latest album. I am looking forward to see Jake progress and mature into one of the greats.

Jacob Es recently performed at Battery Park, an event sponsored by 96.7 The Planet radio station for the July 3rd celebrations.

Download his latest album: Stoned Poets Society EP 

Music With Jetpack Jones

Jetpack Jones, aka David Jones,  is an up and coming artist from Lakewood, California. Recently, he made a trip across the country to perform in Burlington, Vermont. I was fortunate enough to meet him in person and see him perform. Based on first impressions Jetpack Jones was a humble, easy going guy which is was refreshing. He was himself on stage as well as off stage which made his music even more believable.  I would classify his music  as “chill hip-hop” while his lyrics talk about the life of twenty-somethings, success,  and his personal life story. His music has been featured on as well as other popular music sites. I am looking forward to see more from Jetpack Jones as he matures into a well-versed artist. Check out his latest album Afterburners.

For free track downloads go here.

Like his facebook page Jetpack Jones.

Music With Bassnectar

Bassnectar recently came to Burlington, VT to perform at the Memorial Auditorium. Burlington has a decently sized EDM culture and tickets for the show sold-out within a few days. The day of the concert I performed my routine: check batteries, make sure the memory cards are empty, clean lenses, and make sure that I packed everything. I arrived at the concert. picked up my press pass, and headed in-front of the barricade ( the pit). The opener blasted music while I started setting up my gear. Before pulling out the camera I made sure to put in my ear plugs. Nothing makes you feel older then having to use ear plugs at a concert. As the opener played his last track the room started getting packed. It was hot! So hot that you could see steam. All the bassheads were wearing their neon spandex, cuttoff sleeve shirts, and body paint to match. Bassnectar came on and instantly got the crowd going. There was not one dull moment the whole concerts. Crowd surfing, beach balls, and head-banging never stopped.