Graffiti in Vermont: Part One

Two words that do not go together, Vermont and graffiti. Vermont is known for several things: the band Phish, maples syrup, and leaf peeping. I spent time this weekend driving around in order to shed some light  on graffiti culture in Vermont. Before you continue reading please understand that this is an outsiders view. I am not a graffiti artist and most of my knowledge comes from research. Also, this is a continual documentary, with this being the first step. Before we begin, I would like to share some basic language used in the culture.

There are several ways of writing. The most basic type is a ‘tag,’ in which the artist writes his name in his own unique style. It is a way of spreading the name quickly. The ‘throw-up,’ is a more intricate design where the artist generally uses one-color outline and one layer of fill-color. Finally, the ‘piece’is a design that can include 3-D effects, arrows, and many colors and color-transitions, as well as various other effects. This type of design takes longer to complete and may be a collaboration among several artists.

As I began my research I quickly learned one of the most important rules. Anonymity! For obvious reasons it is important to keep an artists name a secret. Unless given permission by a private property owner, the artists can face severe consequences. Hence, why I will keep all locations, interviews, and artists a secret. My next steps include finding an artist to interview and continue finding more examples.

Here are my found examples thus far. I drove around Vermont and stopped at bridges, large walls, and tunnels. This is what I came up with:

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